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Here you will see how artificial grass is manufactured, installed, maintained, repaired and more. What should you consider when buying an artificial lawn? Is fake grass good for the environment? Is synthetic turf suitable for children and is it pet friendly? How do I clean the grass? Many questions like these are answered in our blog.

Royal Grass Safe grass

How safe is Royal Grass artificial grass?

“Artificial lawns possibly pose a threat to health.” Currently, that is what the media headlines state. A broadcast of ZEMBLA, a journalistic program on the Dutch TV, is the reason. In this program, scientists claim that playing football on fields made with artificial grass and spread with rubber granules might pose a threat to health.


7 reasons why children prefer artificial grass

As an adult, you can think of many reasons why you would choose artificial grass. It stays green, is practical, hardly distinguishable from natural grass, easy, multifunctional, hardly requires any maintenance, etc.


Subbase of artificial grass

Different names for the subsurface of artificial grass are being used, like substructure, foundation, subsoil or sub base. They all refer to the same thing.